Confirmation Orientation

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Confirmation Orientation

2014-2015 Confirmation Launches

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Sixty-six middle school youth are jumping into a year of confirmation ministry. Twenty caring adults are their supportive companions. Our Wednesday evening sessions from 6-7:30pm and will explore the New Testament. Come learn with us! Over the course of the year, these young disciples will study the Bible, serve their community, acolyte during worship, spend time at Lutherdale Bible Camp, grow in faith, and have loads of fun doing it. Please pray for these young people and their sponsors in this important time of their lifelong faith journey.

8th Grade Youth: Abbigail Deschaine, Kaitlynn Finfrock, James Gorman, Owen Hurst, Emma Jorgensen, Nathan Koniowka, Henry Korfmacher, Aleana Krake, Ashton Miller, Keegan Olin, Emily Ott, Matthew Peckham, Grant Powell, Ben Ross, Nathan Roth, Ashley Rudser, Jedta Stadt, Marcus Steindl, Leah Wagner
8th Grade Sponsors: Kristie Finfrock, Ed Koniowka, Brad Miller, Brenda Muth, Ken Muth, Kevin Olin

7th Grade Youth: Aaron Anderson, Chase Anderson, Paige Banks, Clint Bergsma, Angela Corell, McKenzie Fillner, Matthew Forster, Seth Grover, Nolan Hammond, Kylie Hoops, Jakob Jacobson, Devin Kuqo, Sydney Miller, Kenna Noe, Benjamin Ploessl, Louka Pomplun, Hanna Roberts, Dakota Ronek, Abigail Rosonke, Hailey Rowley, Leila Schmitt, Annabelle Senn, Madison Soto, Garrett Thurman, Quinn Thurman, Mia Tortomasi, Kaylee Trawicki, Haydon Trustem, Abigail Wardwell, Emma Wardwell

7th Grade Sponsors: Dulcie Bergsma, Julie Flynn, Peter Forster, Sherri Haakenson, Rob Hammond, Laura Jacobson, Dan Millin, Jon Senn

6th Grade Youth: Taylor Acker, Lindsey Carlson, Kaitlyn Dunphy, Adrian Garcia, Elizabeth Klitzman, Zachary Moran, Sierra Muench, Zachary Ott, Grace Peterson, Nathan Popanz, Josi Rinehart, Collin Roberts, Gavin Schmidt, Liberty Schmidt, Tyr Severson, Ryan Thompson, Brody Trustem, Mekenzie Wagner

6th Grade Sponsors: Jena Acker, Jessica Carlson, Kelly Dunphy, Shawn Lynn, Eric Peterson, Jenny Schmidt

Mark your calendars now for May 16-17, 2015, for a celebration of confirmation and the Affirmation of Baptism for our 8th graders.

2014-2015 Confirmation Ministry Begins

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On Wednesday, September 10, from 6:00pm-7:30pm,our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade youth and their parents will meet for a fun-filled time of confirmation orientation. We’ll take care of registrations, resources, and a host of information. Bring your family calendars. Light refreshments will be served. Friends and guests are welcome to join this ministry.

Confirmation Class of 2014

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Affirmation of Baptism

On May 18, 2014, thirty youth of St. John’s will affirm their baptism and confirm their faith in Jesus Christ. We often call this Confirmation Day. It’s a day about saying “yes” to God, for God’s love and grace. Confirmation day is a milestone that’s part of our lifelong journey of faith. It’s the time when these young adults assume new responsibility for the life God calls us to live.

Confirmands for 2014 are: Dayne Acker, Bryan Bartlett. Courtney Bergsma. Madeline Halverson. Alex Hurst. Logan Katzenmeyer. Madison Leggett. Alyse Miller. Tierney Miller. Anna Nelson. Kailey Persons. Taryn Ploessl. Jared Quinn. Zack Reese. Seth Replogle. Miriam Reynaldo. Aubrey Rinehart. Nathaniel Rudser. Keaton Smith. Hunter Speropulos. Madeline Stoker. Sydney Stoker. Kellan Sunness. Drew Thompson. Tristan Thurman. Matthew Tortomasi. Travis Trawicki. Braden Updike. Brandi Van Fossen. and Logan Wardwell.

2014 Confirmands

2014 Confirmands


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Confirmation Ministry

Youth in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades are invited into our Confirmation Ministry. This three-year journey is a fun yet intense time to grow in the understanding of our faith. At the end of these years of exploration, youth are prepared to affirm the promises of their baptism, say “yes” to God, and confirm their faith in Jesus.

Confirmation Ministry meets most Wednesdays of the school year (September to May) from 6:00-7:30pm. Our three-year rotation allows for one year each tackling the Old Testament, New Testament, and Catechism (the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Apostles Creed). Large group sessions include games, songs, videos, learning, and thinking. Then pairs of caring adult sponsors lead small group time, when students meet with their peers to review, share, and ponder questions. We end the evening as a large group with a closing time of singing and prayer.

Confirmation Ministry involves more than just Wednesday nights. We take field trips each semester to connect our faith with the rest of the world. We also spend time at Lutherdale Bible Camp for a spring weekend retreat and a week of summer camp. Students are expected to have regular worship attendance, to serve as acolytes during worship, to join for Sunday morning youth group, and to complete hours of community service. It’s all about building the habits of a life of faith, which include worship, prayer, study, and service.

In these ways, the church partners with parents to help our children know and trust God. Most faith formation happens in the home. Families have a critical role in this journey, supporting and encouraging their children to make the most of this experience. It can be a great time for all members of the family to grow in faith. All our sessions are open to parents and rely on the leadership of adult sponsors. All together, the evenings and the years add up to a formative experience on our lifelong journey of faith.