Confirmation Class of 2014

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Affirmation of Baptism

On May 18, 2014, thirty youth of St. John’s will affirm their baptism and confirm their faith in Jesus Christ. We often call this Confirmation Day. It’s a day about saying “yes” to God, for God’s love and grace. Confirmation day is a milestone that’s part of our lifelong journey of faith. It’s the time when these young adults assume new responsibility for the life God calls us to live.

Confirmands for 2014 are: Dayne Acker, Bryan Bartlett. Courtney Bergsma. Madeline Halverson. Alex Hurst. Logan Katzenmeyer. Madison Leggett. Alyse Miller. Tierney Miller. Anna Nelson. Kailey Persons. Taryn Ploessl. Jared Quinn. Zack Reese. Seth Replogle. Miriam Reynaldo. Aubrey Rinehart. Nathaniel Rudser. Keaton Smith. Hunter Speropulos. Madeline Stoker. Sydney Stoker. Kellan Sunness. Drew Thompson. Tristan Thurman. Matthew Tortomasi. Travis Trawicki. Braden Updike. Brandi Van Fossen. and Logan Wardwell.

2014 Confirmands

2014 Confirmands

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