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The Executive Committee (Trustees) shall consist of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and pastor. The pastor shall have a voice, but no vote. It shall serve as a steering committee and act on behalf of the congregation in legal and official matters.

Social Concerns

Social Concerns shall determine young adult and family needs, and provide for events which can meet these needs. It shall also be alert to the social concerns and needs within society, studying church, local, state, and national issues as invited to do so, and making recommendations to the Council and/or congregation as to appropriate responses.

Parish Education

Parish Education shall formulate and supervise adult education programs, confirmation, the library, Sunday School, the Sunday School Superintendents, Vacation Bible School, and the Christmas Program. Also, this committee shall see that there is adequate staff and educational materials that are in accord with our Lutheran confessions.

Music and Worship

Music and Worship shall evaluate and make recommendations concerning worship forms and services, oversee the work of the ushers, greeters, acolytes, soundboard operators, assistant ministers, and the Altar Guild. They shall maintain liaison with the Music Director, organist(s), and choirs; shall arrange for music instrument maintenance and tuning, and make recommendations thereon to the Council.


Fellowship’s basic objectives shall be the strengthening of the fellowship between congregational members spiritually and socially, the integration of new members into the life of the congregation, the planning and implementation of outreach events in which the larger community’s participation is invited, and the general building of mutual cooperation, trust, and enjoyment among the members of the congregation.

Mutual Ministry

Mutual Ministry shall: (1) Encourage and support the paid staff members on behalf of the congregation. (2) Direct parties with questions or problems regarding church issues to the appropriate channels for discussion and potential resolutions. This committee is not involved in job evaluations.


Memorials shall have oversight of memorial gifts and funds.  It shall be responsible for developing and maintaining a suggested list of needs, which can be met through memorials and other gifts.

Life and Growth

Life and Growth shall develop a sound program of visitation and spiritual care for members and outreach into our community. The committee shall be especially sensitive to the needs of the inactive, the lonely, and the bereaved. It shall also secure the training of visitation teams to assist the pastor(s) in this effort, making recommendations thereon to the council.


Stewardship shall develop programs for the growth of good stewardship attitudes in the members of the congregation regarding time, talent, treasures in order to ensure the financial stability of the parish and its missions. The committee shall have concern for teaching, stimulation, and promotion of a total stewardship of life among all members of the parish. It shall be concerned for the needs of the parish and support of program necessary in the mission of Christ.

Endowment Fund

The Mission Endowment Fund Committee typically meets quarterly. Information on the Mission Endowment Fund may be obtained from the church office or by contacting one of the committee members. The purpose of the Mission Endowment Fund is to receive gifts from individuals, trusts, grants, bequests, or property and then to administer the income from these gifts for religious, educational, and charitable programs through St. John’s Lutheran Church. The principal is preserved and only the interest earned on the fund is expended. Giving to the Endowment Fund is a great way to honor someone, to celebrate a special event, or to memorialize a loved one.

Building and Grounds

Building and Grounds shall oversee the management and maintenance of all properties of the congregation, serve as a liaison to the custodial employees, review maintenance contracts, evaluate needs regarding purchase of new equipment, assess insurance coverage for all properties, and make recommendations thereon to the Church Council.”


The Youth Committee shall support and supervise the activities of various youth groups formed within the St. John’s congregation. Ministries will be provided for youth of all ages. These groups are formed to bring a greater understanding of God’s word and thus provide a foundation on which the youth’s Christian faith can grow. The committee shall coordinate service and fellowship activities, provide collaboration for leadership needs, support fundraising activities, and offer mentoring opportunities for the youth and their leaders.